PayPal or credit card payments

My Wi-Fi Service can offer customers the chance to top-up their prepaid account or purchase a subscription on the captive portal using a PayPal account or a credit card. The entire procedure is automatic, without the need of any administrator intervention. To accept PayPal payments, register at and request a free Business account to immediately start receiving payments.
After registering, login to the PayPal control panel using the account email and password and follow the steps below:

1) Select "Account managment".

2) Click on the "Website payment" "Update" button and enable "Automatic redirect" entering "" in the "redirect URL" field. At the bottom of the page, enable the "Transfer payment data" flag and save changes.

3) In order for PayPal to immediately inform My Wi-Fi Service of customer payments, enable PayPal's immediate payment notice (IPN).
Also in the ""Website payment" page, open the "Immediate Payment Notice" section and click "Edit settings". In the window that opens, enter "" in the "Notice URL" field and enable the "Receive IPN messages (on)" flag.

At this point you can set up program PayPal functions in the captive portal PayPal section.

Please remember that your Hotspot customers who do not have a PayPal account can still use this top-up option using a normal credit card. In fact, when they are asked to enter their PayPal account data they can also select credit card payment without being forced to create a PayPal account (also possible).