Managing pre-paid tickets

Pre-paid tickets are a practical way to allow quick access to unregistered users. Every ticket carries an eight digit code number which can be used instead of Username/Password for login on a workstation or via Hotspot. The location manager only has to automatically generate an arbitrary number of tickets, each with a pre-determined credit amount, and sell them to customers (they can also purchase by credit card) who then access the workstations by entering the code printed on the ticket.

Managing pre-paid tickets

The homepage "Prepaid tickets" section contains all available tickets with their status. Please note that a ticket is the same exact thing as a user and thus has a balance, navigation method, user group, etc.

The list of tickets can be filtered in two ways:

  • "Search" filter : allows you to search by ticket code or name.
  • Ticket Status : show only tickets with certain requirements (eg. unsold tickets, used, expired, etc.)

To automatically generate and print prepaid tickets, simply click on "Generate". A window opens where you can generate any number of tickets.

Generation of prepaid tickets for the hotspot

Before producing the pre-paid-tickets, you must first set the following parameters to distinguish the generated tickets:

  • Navigation mode: makes it possible to choose the surfing method which is to be associated with the ticket by choosing between Prepaid, Time-based Subscription and Traffic-based Subscription.
  • Rate plan: the pricing plan for access to the Hotspot.
  • Member of user group: is the user group of the user whose ticket is being used for access.
  • Amount: allows specification of the credit to be associated with the ticket in the case of the prepaid method.
  • Subscription: allows specification of the subscription to be combined with the ticket for subscription-based methods.
  • Mark as sold: by enabling this option the tickets will be printed with the “Sold” option set. This means that the manager does not have to set the relevant flag manually at the moment of sale. Please note that tickets which are not “Sold” cannot be used to access a workstation unless the system has been configured to allow access in this situation (see the preferences option in the “Pre-paid Tickets” section).
  • Print after generation: by enabling this option the tickets will be printed automatically on the selected printer.
  • Set the date of expiry: allows you to (optionally) set an expiry date after which the ticket cannot be uses.