Rates for Prepaid and Post-paid mode.

The tariffs set out the hourly costs of connections that apply to users who connect to the hotspot. The various rates can then be used to set the Rate Plans to be applied to customers.

Hotspot rate

My Wi-Fi Service handles two types of rates:

Constant Hourly Rates

This rate is used to set the hourly cost of a session and any connection charge (similar to the connection charge when a telephone call is answered). When this type of rate is used, the customer is charged for the time he used the workstation. For example, if the hourly cost is € 3.00 and the customer navigates for just 10 minutes, he will be charged € 0.50 (1/6 of the cost of one hour) plus any connection charge

Steps rates

In this case, it is necessary to define time bands, each with a particular duration and cost. With this type of rate, the customer is not charged for minutes of use but the costs of the time bands used, which generally decrease as the total time the workstation is used increases. Outside the bands created, an hourly rate will be applied that is similar to those discussed above. For example, suppose there is a unit rate with three bands and an hourly rate of € 1.00 to be applied outside the bands.

Over min. Up to min. Cost Total
0 30 € 3,00 € 3,00
30 60 € 2,00 € 5,00
60 90 € 1,50 € 6,50

In the preceding example, we defined 3 bands (units) all of 30 minutes but with decreasing costs: € 3.00 € 2.00 and € 1.50.
If the customer connects for less than 30 minutes (even for just one second), he will only be charged the cost of the first band, i.e., € 3.00. If the connection lasts more than 30 but less than 60 minutes, the customer will be charged the cost of the first two bands, i.e., € 3.00 + € 2.00 = € 5.00. Finally, if the connection lasts more than 60 but less than 90 minutes, the total cost will be € 3.00 + € 2.00 + € 1.50 = € 6.50.
As you can see from the preceding example, the time bands only cover the first 90 minutes of connection. Beyond this time, the program will apply the hourly rate, which in this case is € 1.00. So, a customer who navigates for 150 minutes will be charged the costs of the 3 bands that cover the first 90 minutes (€ 6.50) and the hourly cost of the remaining 60 minutes (€ 1.00) for a total of € 7.50. With this type of rate, charges are applied at the precise instant the customer enters the band: the first band is charged on connection, the second band at 30 minutes and then 90, etc.