Navigation modes for the users who connect to the hotspot

Users who connect to Wi-Fi hotspot can browse according to six different ways that differ from each other for what is charged to the customer during navigation (credit, traffic or weather).
Let's see in detail the various ways :

  • Pre-paid: in pre-paid mode users have a starting pre-paid credit. After each session the credit used is deducted from the user's balance. Once the customer's credit is used up, he/she can access the system again only after recharging the account.
  • Post-paid: this mode allows the customer to access the system with a balance equal to zero. Once the session ends, he/she has a negative balance (account in red) for the total used during the session.
  • Time-based subscription: with this method the customer can access the system for a certain period of time. This period is generally subject to limits. For example, it is possible to create subscriptions which make it possible to surf for 1 hour per day or for 3 hours per week (Monday – Sunday) for the entire duration of the subscription.
  • Traffic-based subscription:in the traffic-based method, which may only be used by customers who connect via the hotspot or the workstations connected on Lan 2, the user has a certain amount of traffic available in terms of MB. Like in the previous case, this traffic may have a time limit (100 MB/day, 1GB/month, etc.).
  • Abbonamento Flat: this is a subscription mode : the user can access the system for as long as he/she wants until the subscription expires.
  • Free: the user can access the system limit free and without charge.