My Wi-Fi Service Rate plans

The Rate Plans are entirely similar to those that phone companies use to decide what rates to charge the customer when he makes a phone call. My Wi-Fi Service uses them to determine the rate or the subscription (time-based, traffic-based or flat) the customer will be charged when he establishes a wi-fi connection. You can define different rates to charge your customers. For example, you can set one rate for students and another one for loyal customers, etc. The rate plan is associated to the customer in his personal user record. It is important not to confuse Rates with Rate Plans. The Rates are hourly connection costs while Rate Plans are used to determine the rate to use based on the customer, the time and the day of the week.

hotspot rate plans

The window, accessible from the configuration menu, is divided into four pages:

Prepaid and Postpaid Mode

The rate plan can be constant or variable based on the time or the day of the.

  • Constant Plans: in this case, the program always applies the same rate independently of the time or the day of the week of the customer's access.
  • Variable Plans: When using variable plans, the client's rate depends on the particular moment of access. For each day of the week, you will have to specify whether the same rate is used for the whole day or if it will change based on time bands. In the latter case, you will also have to indicate the rate to apply outside the specified time bands. In this case, it is not necessary to specify rates for the entire day. For example, we can set two rates for the band 8:00-12:00 and 12:00-18:00, indicating another rate to apply for all times not included in the preceding time bands.

Time-based Subscriptions

The time-based subscriptions contained in the pricing plan are defined within this page. For each subscription, it will be possible to specify the connection time with possible limits (daily, weekly, monthly or personalised), the duration of the subscription, the subscription cost and decide whether or not to enable the sale of subscriptions from the Captive Portal of the Hotspot.

Traffic-based Subscriptions

This page is identical to the previous one with the difference that subscriptions refer to traffic in MB instead of connection time.

hotspot traffic subscription

Flat-rate Subscriptions

In the last section it is possible to define the flat-rate subscriptions available with the pricing plan. In this case, it is possible to define only the duration and cost for each subscription.