DD-WRT firmware configuration

To complete the installation, all that remains is to enter the configuration script.

We carry out the login to the application by connecting to the My WiFi Service on From the main screen, select Locations. Now change the location by setting "DD-WRT" in the "Device Type" box. Now, save the changes.

Click on the "Config. Disp." button, or, if the location is already configured, on the "Device configuration" menu command.

Now select the "Configuration Script" tab and paste in the script text.

Visualizzazione script

Open the router’s web interface by going to in your web browser. Click “Administration”, then “Commands”. Paste the script text into the box labelled “Command Shell”, then click on the “Save Startup” button.

Esecuzione script

We have completed the router configuration process. All that remains to activate the hotspot is to connect the modem to the WAN port on the router (or the LAN port if using an Access Point), restart it, and wait for 3-4 minutes.