Mikrotik firmware configuration

We check that the Mikrotik firmware version is at least 6.46.3 .

If not, you will need to perform a firmware update by selecting the Stable channel.

All the procedure below is described in the following video:

Installation and setup with Mikrotik Router

Connect Mikrotik to the modem/router via the "ether1" port and reset the device to factory settings. Use WinBox to connect to Mikrotik and open the terminal by clicking "New Terminal" in the menu on the left.
To reset the device, enter command:

/system reset-configuration no-default=yes

IP settings

The device automatically reboots after the confirmation request.
Wait several minutes and login with WinBox again. Open the terminal again and enter the following commands:

/ip dhcp-client add disabled=no interface=ether1
/ip dns set server=

Running the configuration script

Login to the My Wi-Fi Service program by connecting to From the homepage, select the Location page and change the the "Default location" by setting "Mikrotik" in the "Device Type" field. Enter "admin" in the user name field and leave the password field blank. In the "hotspot interface" field, select the Mikrotik interface that emits the WI-FI signal.
Confirm the changes, then from the locations list, click on the button "Config. Disp." or, if the location has already configured, on "Device configuration" of its menu and copy the displayed text. Now open Winbox (using an administrator account), click on "New Terminal" and paste text previously copied. At this point the hotspot is ready to be used.