Simplified procedure for the configuration of an hotspot router

For some router models it's available a preconfigured OpenWrt firmware with which the installation is greatly simplified compared to other cases.
After installing this special firmware, to complete the configuration simply insert the Mac Address of the router (which can be found on the label of the device), in the settings of the location in the "Advanced" tab and enable the flag on "Send configuration Script on next boot".

Send Hotspot Configuration

At this point you will only have to connect the WAN port (or the LAN port in the case of Access Point) to the modem and restart the router.
This procedure can also be performed when the router has already been configured previously, for example, after you have made changes to the location.
If you need to reset the router using the reset button, in order to send the configuration again, just repeat the above procedure, without the need to reinstall the firmware again.

List of availables pre-configured firmware