CoovaAP firmware download

Before downloading the firmware, connect the wireless router to internet via the WAN port and connect a PC/notebook (to be used for the configuration) to one of the LAN ports.

Then power on the router and carry out a device reset by pressing and holding for 5 seconds the reset button on the back side of the router.

download dd-wrt firmware

In order to access the router, the PC/notebook network card must be set to DHCP (IP automatically assigned).
Moreover, for the correct operation of the router is necessary that the addresses of the LAN and WAN ports are different. For this purpose we set the LAN port (by default to, to the new address
On the PC/notebook browser, open address by entering the user name and password (leave user name blank and enter "admin" as the password)

LAN setting

In the "Network Setup" section set "Local IP Address" on and confirm the changes by clicking on the "Save Settings" button, wait about 30 seconds and reboot the router by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord.

At this point, the PC/notebook can be used to download CoovaAP firmware by connecting to:

In the "Download" column, download the file for your Linksys version (generally WRT54GL).

CoovaAP Download for Linksys 54GL