Create a Wi-Fi hotspot with our Hotspot Router Self-installing is a very simple operation. Just have to connect it thru its WAN port to your ADSL modem/router and the system will immediately working.


During the purchase of our Hotspot Router in order to get the router already configured with your account is essential to indicate the Username (login) obtained with the registration at My WiFi Service.

Otherwise, you can also use your own WiFi Router: to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot with Softvision My WiFi Service, you need only a wireless router with Hotspot RADIUS authentication module (e.g. Mikrotik router) or a wireless router on which you can install an alternative firmware (e.g. OpenWrt, DD-WRT, CoovaAP) that supports RADIUS authentication.

Fortunately, most retail routers at least support OpenWRT or DD-WRT firmware.

Following the complete list of supported routers from My Wi-Fi Service:

  • Routers with OpenWRT firmware and the Chillispot or CoovaChilli module installed
  • Routers compatible with DD-WRT Standard firmware (not Mini or Micro)
  • Routers compatible with CoovaAP firmware
  • Mikrotik routers
  • Open-Mesh systems
  • Linux PC with Chillispot or CoovaChilli software
  • Any Router or system that supports RADIUS protocol