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WiFi4EU compliant software

My WiFi Service is a complete software for WiFi Hotspot managing, perfectly compliant with WiFi4EU specifications.

WiFi4EU compliant software

What is WiFi4EU

WiFi4EU is an initiative of the European Commission that promotes free access to Wi-Fi for citizens in public spaces (parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, health centers and museums) of municipalities throughout Europe.
WiFi4EU offers municipalities the opportunity to request a voucher for a value of 15,000 euros. This loan can be used to install Wi-Fi equipment and software systems such as My WiFi Service in public spaces within municipalities that do not have a free Wi-Fi hotspot system.

Let's see what are the WiFi4EU requirements for the WiFi Hotspot system to be installed in the municipality:

  • SSID: the SSID of the open network must be "mandatory" set to "WiFi4EU".
  • Secure Server: after selecting the "WiFi4EU" wireless network, the user must be redirected to a captive portal on an HTTPS server.
  • Visual identity: the captive portal must show the "WiFi4EU" logo which can be downloaded from
  • Access mode: the user must be able to access the navigation simply by clicking on a button like "Click to access".
  • Automatic recognition: the user must be able to directly access the system (without displaying the captive portal) within 12 hours after the last access.
  • Snippet: the captive portal must contain an integrated javascript snippet for remote monitoring of the WiFi4EU network by the Agency.

Automatic configuration of My WiFi Service with WiFi4EU specifications.

The My WiFi Service captive portal can be automatically configured to meet all the requirements listed above. Just enter the captive portal configuration and click on the "Anonymous Login" tab.

At this point you will have to enter the WiFi4EU Network ID assigned to the municipality and then click on the "Set for WiFi4EU" button. At the end of the procedure it will be necessary to restart the router to apply the changes made to the location.

After configuration, the captive portal will take on the following appearance:

WiFi4EU compliant Captive Portal

Naturally the captive portal can be further customized by acting on the HTML code of the various pages.