SMS and Email sending configuration

My WiFi Service provides many functions for SMS/E-Mail marketing management. In "Configuration" menù you will find the function Messages to users with which is possible to configure the software for sending messages to customers. It will be possibile to create messages to be sent automatically at the birthday, new customer registration or personal messages to use for marketing.

SMS and Email sending configuration

In the first tab of this function you can add your messages by clicking on "Add new" button. When you create a new message it's necessary to define a name, object and a text for the message. Moreover you have to specify the "use type" choosing between "E-Mail", "SMS" o "Both". Obviously in the latter cases the message should not contain particular text format and must have a lenght lower than 160 characters.
At the bottom of this screen we can set the messages to sent at the birthday or registration of a new customer.
Let's move on the "Sending" section, where it's possibile to set the sender of the messages. For the e-mail messages, it will be indicated the email address (usually that related to the shop) while for the SMS messages we can set an arbitrary text up to 12 alphanumeric characters.
In the same section there are also the settings related to the SMTP server to use for massive sending. Note that the automatic messages (birthdays ecc.) will be sent using an internal procedure, while for the massive sending from the Management/Registered users menù, the system will use the SMTP server created from the user. When there are more server SMTP, Softvision Fidelity Card will use each server, spreading the load and avoiding to reach the limits set from the providers of SMTP. Anyway, if you want to use a specific SMTP, you can deactivate the others from their property, thru the "edit" button.

Since often the SMTP services (especially those provided with free emailbox) could work only with the related provider internet connection, or may have strong limitations, may be necessary to use a different SMTP service. Searching on internet there are many; for example we've tested succesfully the TurboSMTP free service, that offer 200 messages at day for one month.

You can register at free TurboSMTP; following the settings to use the service:

  • Server:
  • Port: 25
  • Authentication method: Normal
  • Security connection: None
  • Username/password: those provided at the registration