WISP/IPS management software

My WiFi Service is a complete software for WISP / Hotspot RADIUS management. The system is completely Cloud-Based, this means you do not need a server to manage the service.
In addition to the network infrastructure of a typical WISP (radio bridge, etc.) will need only a router compatible with our system (typically a Mikrotik or a router with OpenWrt firmware/DD-WRT).

Your WISP/Hotspot customers can access to the system in two modes:

  • Access via Captive Portal: users are redirected to a login page in which they can enter their data access, buy/renew subscriptions etc. This access mode is typical of the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Automatic access with a CPE ("Home Router"): is the typical access mode of ISP. The user connects to a router (via cable or WiFi) installed at his home without having to authenticate, as it is the router that authenticates (thru Mac Address or PPPoE) with the server.

Now let's see how is structured a WISP system which uses the automatic logon:

WISP customers scheme

Let's see what are the main features of the WISP management system:

  • Registered users: the system is capable of handling an unlimited number of users and, for each one, you can store the data, the navigation mode, the tariff profile, set the expiration etc.
  • Navigation method and subscriptions: users who connect to WI-FI hotspots can navigate in six different ways: prepaid, post-paid, time subscription, traffic subscription, flat subscription and free.
  • Rates: two types of rates are supported: time and interval. In the time rate, navigation is charged by the second. For the interval rate, navigation is charged according to a certain time interval (which may also vary).
  • Rate plans: to apply navigation rates, My Wi-Fi Service uses a powerful system based on so-called "rate plans", similar to those used by phone providers, to set customer rates.
  • Cash management: a series of functions for complete cash management are available. Each economic transaction (top-up, balance, renewal, etc.) performed by operators are automatically recorded by the program.
  • Receipts: the software can automatically generate and print a fully customizable receipt after each sales transaction.
  • Locations : a random number of hotspot locations can be managed under a single account, each with a different captive portal.
  • Visited site log: the visited site log can be enabled for each location. This way, the system saves a list of all sites visited by the customer during navigation for each navigation session.
  • Router status monitoring: each location router is constantly monitored. If down, a router can be directly rebooted by the application by sending a reboot command.
  • Prepaid top-up: due to the use of prepaid top-ups, customers can top-up their prepaid accounts without the need of a hotspot manager. The manager need only generate and sell prepaid top-ups.
  • Band restriction: band restriction, available for both download and upload, is an essential tool that allows you to best distribute available router band amongst connected users.
  • Mac address authentication: the system supports customer device Mac Address authentication (laptop, tablet, palmtop, etc.).