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A radius hotspot control web application

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Softvision My Wi-Fi Service is a Web application that lets you easily and economically control a Wi-Fi hotspot.
To use the software, simply register to the service and connect a wireless router compatible (i.e. Linksys 54GL) to your modem/router. A PC server is not required because the wireless router connects to our server via internet to receive all the information needed for WI-FI hotspot operations.

Main features

Captive Portal Customization The pages displayed to the customer during the login, registration, top-up phases, etc., can be fully customized using one of the numerous available skins and editing page text and logos as you please. [...]
User groups User groups can be viewed as logic user groups to set how users login to the system (login/password, mac-address), and their band limits etc.[...]
facebook Facebook Login It allows your users to access your hotspot via Facebook and at the same time allows you to advertise your business free of charge thanks to the messages that are posted on the Facebook wall of your users. [...]
Registration via SMS When this My Wi-Fi Service function is used, your WI-FI Hotspot users will be able to register independently without the need of a system operator. A link to SMS registration appears in the captive portal login page. [...]
Prepaid tickets Prepaid tickets are a practical access system for non-registered users. Each ticket includes an 8-digit number that can be used in the login page, instead of the Username/Password, to login to the hotspot.[...]
Rates and subscriptions To manage navigation rates, My Wi-Fi Service uses a powerful system based on so-called "rate plans", similar to those used by phone providers, to set customer rates. [...]
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