Hotspot Wi-Fi system for hairdressers

WiFi is now available at your local shop too!

Hotspot Wi-Fi system for hairdressers

Softvision My Wi-Fi Service is an innovative service supplied via the Web, which allows you to manage a Wi-Fi Hotspot for of your hair salon, in an extremely simple and inexpensive way.

The Wi-Fi service can also be used to get free advertising on Facebook or Twitter

What we offer

By purchasing our Wi-Fi system you will receive:

  • Our Hotspot Wi-Fi Router
  • One year service subscription
  • Technical support during installation

Installation of our Hotspot Router

Installing the router is very easy: all you need to do is connect the router to your ADSL modem and of your hair salon will be immediately equipped with Wi-Fi. That's it!

Hotspot Wi-Fi system for hairdressers

Service administration of your Wi-Fi hotspot

To start managing your Wi-Fi hotspot you must first register on this page. At this point you can log into your control panel at or click on the login button on the menu of this site.

The main purpose of the control panel is to decide who can connect to the Wi-Fi system and how (free of charge, fee required, with certain limits etc.).

There are three ways to offer a free but controlled Wi-Fi service to customers of your hair salon:

  • Access via social networks: in this case the user can use their Facebook account, Twitter etc. to gain access to the hotspot. This mode can be used to advertise your business. After logging in, your advertising message will be displayed on the user's timeline so all their friends will see the message.
  • Prepaid tickets: your customers can buy a prepaid card that contains a numeric code. This ticket will let them surf on the system for a certain period of time. For example, you can generate and print tickets that let your customers browse for 1 hour a day, for no more than 10 hours a month, or for a week without limits etc..
  • Registered users: you can register a customer and supply a username and password. In this account you can then associate the same navigation mode just viewed to prepaid tickets.
    The registration process can also be fully automated thanks to the registration via SMS: the client connects to the Wi-Fi network, enters his/her mobile number and immediately receives a password via SMS.

How do your customers connect to your Wi-Fi Hotspot

When the customer of your hair salon connects to your Wi-Fi network and opens his/her browser, he/she will automatically be redirected to a login page (captive portal) where they can enter their details (login and password or number of prepaid ticket) or login via Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter etc ...)

Captive Portal

Facebook Login

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