Apertura delle porte sul modem/router

In order to use some My Wi-Fi Service functions, a wireless router must be remotely accessible (via internet) on ports 22 TCP and 3779 UDP.
The 22 TCP port is used to access the router via SSH protocol that lets you use the router reboot and send configuration script functions while the 3779 UDP port lets the command to be sent to the router for forced user logout.

Thus, you must "switch" the 22 TCP and 3779 UDP ports in your modem/router to the wireless router WAN port address. According to the configuration procedure performed in the previous step, this address is set on if your modem address is or if the address of the modem is etc.

In order for the location wireless router to be remotely accessible, the modem public IP address must be indicated in the location configuration.
If your ADSL connection does not have a static IP, you can use a dynamic DNS service host name such as or